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Mini makes her mark with Coventry city centre exhibition

Mini Padam 1  Mini Padam 2
An exhibition of luscious pop-art influenced works by a Coventry-grown talent has gone on show in the city.
Mini Padam went to Foxford School then did a foundation year at Coventry University before heading off to follow her interests with a degree in graphic design and illustration followed by an MA in illustration at Camberwell College of Arts.
Now working on her own designs and teaching graphic design, illustration and photography in a college, she’s back in Coventry for a big show of her own.
She works in screen printing and digital illustration, and there are several clear themes and influences emerging. Ice cream vans pop up in several images, and the show, which is upstairs at Browns Independent Bar in Coventry city centre, is called Ice Cream and Synth.
However Mini says of the ice cream vans: “I just like the shape”, though the important role of an ice cream van in Assault on Precinct 13, is also important to her: “I’m obsessed with films and music. ” (more…)


Coventry University art degree show opening draws the crowds

It’s the biggest art show of the year again in Coventry, and the crowds were out in force to get the first glimpse at the private view last night.
Coventry University’s School of Art and Design’s annual degree show allows the final-year students, and those completing a foundation year to put their last projects on display. The night itself can be a bit of an ordeal – each floor you climb up gets progressively hotter and sweatier, and the atmospheric pounding music in some room is a bit oppressive, but tottering round with a drink and bumping into old friends makes it fun.


Pluspace is venue for Artspace veteran Terry Williams’s works

terry williams - left-futurists- right-moment of transformation  (2)
A Coventry-based artist is showing his paintings at the city’s busiest new gallery.
Terry Williams’s works can be seen at weekends, mid-day until 5pm, until June 11 at the Pluspace Gallery, which can be found upstairs from the east entrance of Broadgate House in the city centre.
Terry is the longest resident of the Artspace Artists Studios in Lower Holyhead Road and graduated from Coventry University’s Fine Art degree in the 1980s.


Architects’ space makes a great gallery

Coventry University art students are exhibiting their work in an interesting if hard-to-get-to space until the end of March.
The IDP Architects Practice in Spon Street, Coventry city centre, is in an old building which has incorporated some outdoor space into a spacious glass-fronted entrance and staircase area – you can see in from the street.
John Burns from the university’s School of Art and Design met some people who worked there while dining in Browns Independent Bar in the city centre, and the idea of using it to show students’ art grew from there.
John held an exhibition of some of his own work there last year, and now work by 40 students from the BA Illustration and Animation course has gone up on the brick walls.


Coventry University gets prime spot for new Lanchester Gallery Projects venue

Coventry’s newest and very prominent art gallery has opened with a conceptual exhibition which makes a statement about how it plans to progress.
The Lanchester Gallery has moved from inside Coventry University’s Graham Sutherland building, which houses the School of Art and Design, to a space on the front of The Hub in Jordan Well. In such an obvious position the pressure was on, and before this first exhibition, √ČVASION, opened there had been a week of near all-night work to get everything ready.


George Shaw and Graham Chorlton make New Art Gallery THE place to be

LEYTONSTONE 1995199 2012
Above, Leytonstone 1995, 1999, 2012, by Laura Oldfield Ford

There is a Place…. where you can find works by six artists in a thematic show which brings together some great scenes of urban emptiness.
The New Art Gallery at Walsall is showing There is a Place…until April 14, and it’s a place well worth visiting.
Coventry-born George Shaw contributes both Humbrol-painted paintings, and more unusually, etchings, of Tile Hill. There’s a huge pile of rubble behind a fence, showing the end of a pub where his mother apparently once worked, and another empty space, and in The End of Time, a path leading to where a pub building once stood.
The 12 short walks are etchings of scenes from around the area, showing scenes that are becoming familiar if you’ve seen more of his paintings and watercolours – garages, bleak paths, but green tree-filled areas too, and poignantly fence posts with no fence in between. They’re small, detailed and show his versatility.


Just a week to see Coventry MA students’ varied artworks

Coventry University’s MA students are showing off their work in exhibitions at two venues this week.
The Lanchester Gallery at the School of Art and Design, and the fifth floor of the building, plus The Herbert art gallery up the road are both housing a collection of screenings, installations and performances.


First glimpse at Coventry’s new art gallery – but it stays under wraps

THE wraps are finally off and Coventry University’s new Hub is open for students – but one part still being hidden from the world is the Lanchester Gallery.
Ironically the most prominent part of the building on a glass-walled corner is still a building site, with handover planned now for December.
But when it is open it will give a whole new focus to Lanchester Gallery Projects, which until now has held exhibitions in its much-smaller gallery in the university’s School of Art. There’s always been the problem there that although its exhibitions are officially open to the public it’s often hard to get into the building unless you have a university card to open the door – hopefully this new gallery won’t have that problem.


Queer eye on art in Coventry

THERE’S still (just) time to see an exhibition I’ve only today been alerted to, in the Glass Box, in Earl Street, Coventry.
The 1st Annual Queer Art exhibition in Coventry is being staged there, but is taken down on Saturday. It was set up by The Queer’ists Project, which was founded by Coventry-based freelance photographer Marta Kochanek, who graduated from Coventry University this year.
It is a follow up exhibition to the official annual exhibition which took place in Birmingham last month. Marta said it shows work of 13 Queer artists representing artists from the UK, US and Poland.
Marta formed The Queer’ists Project in March to be a platform to emerging and established Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender artists and art lovers.
Peering through the windows this evening it looked an interesting mixture of works and art styles and worth having a proper look if you’re in the area.

Coventry University degree show features art and anguish

Coventry University’s annual degree show is a must-see event for anyone in the area who’s interested in what the next generation of up and coming artists are doing.
The opening night on Friday was as usual full of dressed-up students, their proud but often-confused parents and lots of visitors just keen to see what’s going on.
The opening night has never been the same since the students were stopped from serving up their own drinks to all passers-by, meaning you could traverse four floors with a plastic cup of wine never emptying.
However doing it sober probably means visitors notice more of the work. There was a trend this year, especially with the graphic design students, of having offerings of sweets along with their displays – though one display which featured more food carried a note along the lines of ‘please help yourself to sweets but don’t touch the cupcakes’!