Coventry visit inspires new work for abstract artist – called Coventry

An artist from Yorkshire who has recently been exhibiting in a group show in Coventry was so inspired by his visit to the opening that he returned home and created a new work – entitled Coventry.
Terry Greene was one of 13 artists whose work went on show in Without an Edge There is No Middle at the Pluspace Gallery in the Meter Room studios above Corporation Street in the city centre, which should have still been on but has unfortunately close early.
He came to the city for the exhibition opening at the start of August, and had a wander around, tweeting images during the day.



Pluspace is venue for Artspace veteran Terry Williams’s works

terry williams - left-futurists- right-moment of transformation  (2)
A Coventry-based artist is showing his paintings at the city’s busiest new gallery.
Terry Williams’s works can be seen at weekends, mid-day until 5pm, until June 11 at the Pluspace Gallery, which can be found upstairs from the east entrance of Broadgate House in the city centre.
Terry is the longest resident of the Artspace Artists Studios in Lower Holyhead Road and graduated from Coventry University’s Fine Art degree in the 1980s.