Month: March 2011

Coventry University students’ first exhibition at the Lock

A GROUP of students have taken over the Lock gallery in Coventry this week for their first professional exhibition.
The six, studying a mixture of fine art and illustration, are second years at Coventry University, and doing all the work to stage an exhibition is part of the professional practice module in their degree.



Frank Sidney Smith’s paintings at The New Art Gallery show beauty born from trauma

A LIFE full of trauma and tragedy has helped create some paintings which are enchanting and enthralling.
It seems as though Frank Sidney Smith decided to use his creative urges as a type of therapy, to try to come to terms with everything that had happened to him.
There are times when it’s impossible to look at some paintings without reference to the artist who created them and what he or she has endured, and this is one of those times.
The images are pretty and child-like in initial appearance but many tell stories of unbelievable sadness. It’s vital to read the paragraphs underneath each one in this exhibition at The New Art Gallery, Walsall, to have an understanding of what the innocent-looking pictures really show.


Tanya is hitting the big time

A woman who has found her big passion and escape in life through art is exhibiting at Bedworth Arts Centre until March 5.
Tanya Martin’s first solo exhibition is called Art Is My Life, and she showed it by taking so much work along there wasn’t space and some had to go home again!
And she’s proving controversial, as three pieces from her Body Form collection had to be taken down after people were “a bit upset” about them – although she had asked if it was ok to display them at first and had been told it was.


Walls have wheels in Gallery 150

How do you rattle an artist? Well, I’m sure there are lots of ways, but I saw a good one in action at the latest private view at Gallery 150 in Leamington.
I was talking to painter Martin Johnson about his works (including Woodland Rendezvous, above) and he was explaining the concept behind them when one of the gallery walls started receding behind me.