Marta Kochanek

Queer eye on art in Coventry

THERE’S still (just) time to see an exhibition I’ve only today been alerted to, in the Glass Box, in Earl Street, Coventry.
The 1st Annual Queer Art exhibition in Coventry is being staged there, but is taken down on Saturday. It was set up by The Queer’ists Project, which was founded by Coventry-based freelance photographer Marta Kochanek, who graduated from Coventry University this year.
It is a follow up exhibition to the official annual exhibition which took place in Birmingham last month. Marta said it shows work of 13 Queer artists representing artists from the UK, US and Poland.
Marta formed The Queer’ists Project in March to be a platform to emerging and established Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender artists and art lovers.
Peering through the windows this evening it looked an interesting mixture of works and art styles and worth having a proper look if you’re in the area.