Architects’ space makes a great gallery

Coventry University art students are exhibiting their work in an interesting if hard-to-get-to space until the end of March.
The IDP Architects Practice in Spon Street, Coventry city centre, is in an old building which has incorporated some outdoor space into a spacious glass-fronted entrance and staircase area – you can see in from the street.
John Burns from the university’s School of Art and Design met some people who worked there while dining in Browns Independent Bar in the city centre, and the idea of using it to show students’ art grew from there.
John held an exhibition of some of his own work there last year, and now work by 40 students from the BA Illustration and Animation course has gone up on the brick walls.

The work shows students’ growing use of computer design packages in their work. Some of them have listed inspirations as Aztec, Greek and futuristic.
Among them is 20-year-old Lynnette Meller. She said: “We had a brief to create our own cityscape so we could take inspiration from history and architecture, or make it up. My inspiration was oriental.”
Lynette’s cityscape includes red Chinese lanterns and an oriental-style tower in the distance. She said the computer design package used was a completely new one to the students and odd to use at first but doing the project helped her learn how to use it well.
The exhibition is on until the end of March, but viewing is by arrangement only – call Coventry University on 024 7688 7688 and ask to speak to John Burns to make plans.


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