Month: December 2010

A great time to visit – or not

Art galleries and museums are always saying they want to attract more families, and get children interested in art at a young age.
So what could be better if you’re off work with the family this week than to head off to a gallery and take in the current exhibition? The local authority-owned galleries in this area are all in town/city centres too so you could even combine it with a bit of sales shopping.
But no. Because despite the fact that many people are currently in the middle of a good 10 or so days off, and most shops have been open during the bank holiday, a lot of galleries are only open a short length of time, so you could end up disappointed.



Welcome to Private View

This blog has been launched as a spin off from the art column which appears in the Coventry Telegraph’s What’s On guide on Fridays.
I’ve been writing the newspaper column for four years and it follows the format of a review of a new exhibition, listings and short bits about other exhibitions in the area, or events at galleries.
I’m often frustrated by having more things I want to write about than there’s space for – interviews with artists, pieces about excellent but brief exhibitions which have been and gone before I get a chance to write about them in the paper.
So in this blog I want to go beyond the column, to include observations on the Coventry, Warwickshire and larger art world, gossip, interviews, plus bits of news I’m not able to squeeze into the newspaper column.
This is of course the worst week of the year to launch a blog – but it’s not long til January and I’m already looking forward to sipping a glass of wine at the first exhibition private views of the year.