The Meter Room

Coventry visit inspires new work for abstract artist – called Coventry

An artist from Yorkshire who has recently been exhibiting in a group show in Coventry was so inspired by his visit to the opening that he returned home and created a new work – entitled Coventry.
Terry Greene was one of 13 artists whose work went on show in Without an Edge There is No Middle at the Pluspace Gallery in the Meter Room studios above Corporation Street in the city centre, which should have still been on but has unfortunately close early.
He came to the city for the exhibition opening at the start of August, and had a wander around, tweeting images during the day.



Meter Room is exciting new Coventry venture for city artists

AN UNUSUAL and exciting exhibition space has opened in Coventry – but you have to be very observant to find it.
The Meter Room is at 58-64 Corporation Street in the city centre – just round the corner from the bottom of The Burges, with the entrance in a side alley between the pub and a charity shop. It says Meter Room above the door and also the name of the building’s previous occupier – the CVSC.
Go up a couple of flights and the doors open into a corridor which at the moment has various exhibition spaces off it, and also studios for lots of local artists.