Metropolis explores varieties of city life on a global scale

A new exhibition of contemporary artwork in Birmingham offers visions of modern cities and urban life from 25 artists from all over the world.
Metropolis: Reflections on the Modern City has been jointly collected by Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, the New Art Gallery, Walsall, and developed in partnership with Ikon Gallery as part of the Art Fund international initiative.
There are more than 60 works on show in many types of media.

Mohamed Bourouissa’s photographs of disaffected youths in France show the potential conflict between Algerian and French youths, and the menace of constant trouble between young people with little to do. The photographs are staged like pauses in an action film.
Dayanita Singh’s Dream Villa shows a series of photographs taken at night in India, using artificial light to give a very yellow effect and highlighting what would be crowded places mainly empty of people.
Grazia Toderi’s Orbite Rosse is a huge double video installation of images of cities at night, and Nicolas Provost’s film shows Las Vegas from four different angles, emphasising the brightness and fake colours even more.
Semyon Faibisovich’s photographs show the plight of street people in Russia, doing private activities like sleeping in public bus stations, and two men leaning on each other for support and warmth after sharing a drink.
Romuald Hasoume’s long photographs and small stills of the Republic of Benin show the details of city life where people are desperate to sell to make any sort of living.
A very varied show which reflects the disparities between cities around the globe. It is on until June 23.


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