Write and publish your haiku for Coventry arts project

A Coventry-based artist is running a project this week, up to October 9, to tie in with National Poetry Day, which was today.
Lorsen Camps’s project is called Beauty in the Everyday and is being funded by Coventry City Council’s Small Art Grant. He is trying to get as many people as possible to write haiku, three-line poems, which will be uploaded to a Facebook page called Coventry Haiku Project.

Lorsen said: “The city’s haiku will be displayed and will serve as a snapshot of Coventry life. The poems should capture observations or moments of hope, joy or beauty in amongst a regular, (potentially) mundane week. It is a chance to reflect and look at the world differently.”
Selected poem judged to capture the theme best will be published as a book of postcards and will also feature on the BBC Big Screen in Millennium Place.
The project is an extension of Lorsen’s art projects, which often feature found, discarded objects arranged to make the viewer look afresh at them and see beauty in them.
To take part in this poetry project go to the Facebook page.


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