Gallery150 knows how to stage a first night

Gallery150 in Leamington upped the stakes with its private view last night.
There was a rather good buffet spread, and wine served by a bow tie-wearing, besuited gentleman who called the guests sir and madam. Impressive!
If only what was on show had managed to live up to this welcome.

The exhibition consisted of drawings by local artists Steven King and an installation by Suminder Virk.
The drawings were a mixture of subjects, a fair few female nudes, some of animals, some domestic scenes and some colourful ones of places, including Times Square with the coca cola label prominent, Paris, and Venice. Leamington was pictured several times and there were representations of The Parade and various landmarks in Jephson Gardens. The trouble was a lot of them looked like artists’ preliminary sketches, and I felt like I was still looking for the finished article.
Suminder Virk’s Downward Spiral was an installation of a mattress with its springs woven in red thread. It was painstaking work, and I felt I wanted to see more pieces by her.
Gallery150, run by Leamington Studio Artists, has recently moved from the former library building in Avenue Road, after a bit of a turbulent relationship with the venue, to this shop space in Regent Court Shopping Centre. It’s obviously a much more accessible space and benefits from having lots of people passing by every day.
As well as the featured exhibition there are works on show by other people who have exhibited with Gallery150 before. There’s a feeling this part of the gallery has works rather crammed into it, but they’re definitely worth looking at as there’s some good pieces here including those by Libby January and Marita Forss.
The gallery is currently looking for works to show in Renewal2, an open show, which is taking place from February 14-28.
Bravely, it is promising to show at least one work per artist who submits by February 12, or until the space fills up. For more details see their website at


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