Art Fund lecture focuses on 17th century court painters

The paintings of court artists Anthony Van Dyck (whose triple portrait of King Charles I is above) and Diego Velazquez will be discussed in an Art Fund lecture, illustrated with slides, by member, Margaret-Louise O’Keeffe, at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum on Thursday, January 27 from 5.30-7.30pm.
Both artists were born in 1599 and helped immortalise the courts of Spain and England respectively. The talk is open to members of the Art Fund and anyone else interested, who can contact David Page on 01564 773825 for tickets which cost £12 including a glass of wine on arrival.

Mrs O’Keeffe said: “Historical, mythological and religious subjects were commissioned by Philip IV of Spain and his contemporary, Charles I of England.
“The stunning portraits of these monarchs, their children and courtiers bestowed immortality upon these key figures of the turbulent seventeenth century. Both born in 1599, the outstanding painters, Velazquez and Van Dyck are forever associated with the courts they helped to immortalise.
“Velazquez captured the pathos of the ailing Hapsburg dynasty and its ruler, Philip IV, while Van Dyck left an indelible image of the Stuart court, whose king, Charles I was beheaded. With their brilliance as portraitists and their exemplary facility with paint, the similarities and differences between these great artists are fascinating to examine.”
The Art Fund has more than 600 members in Warwickshire, and organises events to raise funds to benefit galleries throughout the Midlands.


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