Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville’s first solo UK show explores bodies and babies

JENNY SAVILLE                                  Small SAVILLE 2010 Reproduction drawing IV -after the Leonardo cartoon--1
Picture by Geraint Lewis
Jenny Saville’s name belongs with the other YBAs of the 1990s, but she has waited longer to have her first UK solo exhibition.
While Damien Hirst has a retrospective this summer at Tate Modern and Tracey Emin had one last year at the Hayward and is now showing in Tate Margate, Saville’s show is in the cosier surroundings of Modern Art Oxford, in the city where she has her studio.
The exhibition includes works from the 1990s until the present – with one being finished just the day before the exhibition opened, and another being framed and hung in the gallery on the press preview day.