Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral exhibition throws spotlight on making of artworks

undercroft cross
Geoffrey Clarke’s cross, now out of store and on display in the undercroft.
Coventry Cathedral its staging a special exhibition to draw attention to its wonderful artworks as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations for its consecration.
The exhibition, Journey Into the Light, has been well put together, with 17 points of special interest highlighted around the cathedral, naming the artist behind that piece, or the thinking behind it by Basil Spence, the cathedral architect.



See Graham Sutherland works in their own landscape

It’s possible to travel a long way from Coventry – and still find a familiar image on show.
On a short break in Pembrokeshire I discovered a fantastic exhibition of Graham Sutherland landscapes and other works in the Oriely Y Parc Landscape Gallery, a lovely light and airy space in a well-designed building which also houses the information centre in St Davids.
This seems to be the year to see Graham Sutherland, following the exhibition curated by George Shaw at Modern Art Oxford. That focused heavily on Sutherland’s Pembrokeshire landscapes, and some of them feature here too – along with a map suggesting places to visit inspired by the works! The Coventry connection was a practice image for the crucifixion for the Coventry Cathedral tapestry.