Coventry artist Jack Foster asks big questions in London exhibition

A Coventry-born artist and successful graduate is holding a fascinating-sounding exhibition in London.
Jack Foster who is from Allesley, Coventry, studied on the foundation diploma course at Coventry University then the BA, graduating this year with a First, and winning the Coventry University drawing prize. I liked his works in the university degree show, writing at the time in Private View that his works for that focuses on religion, pilgrimage and superstition, and were “intriguing and well executed”.
Jack sent a proposal for an exhibition to the British Humanist Association, and the result is a show at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, until the end of January, entitled Methinks It Is Like a Weasel, described as a critique of religion and religiosity.

He said: “Tthe themes of the show include the acceptance of a materialistic worldview, criticisms and references to religion and superstition, pattern seeking and coming to terms with loss/death as an atheist.
“The new work in the exhibition was made in a studio that I built in my late grandfather’s garage. He spent a lot of his time in the garage fixing things and making things for me and my younger brother.
“We were both very close to him and it was very hard on everybody when he died this year. I used a lot of his things to make the paintings. Things like scrapers/squeegees, a blowtorch, tools, etc.”
Writing about the exhibition in London, Jack said about the works “While grouped, the paintings allow for the emergence of intentional and unintentional, real and false patterns and relationships between and within paintings.”
Before this summer, Jack had also exhibited in a few group shows around Coventry and was in Free Range in London with the university.
He has a residency at the Lewis Gallery at Rugby School starting in January, and concluding with an exhibition there in March 2014. Jack looks like one to watch.



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