Miriam’s flowers take form at Coventry’s Lock Gallery

Miriam triptych                                             Miriam 2
Young artist Miriam Duffield is holding her first solo exhibition at the Lock Gallery at Coventry’s Canal Basin warehouse.
Miriam, aged 21, is from Hinckley and has just finished the second year of her Fine Art degree at De Montford University in Leicester. Her exhibition, Flowers as Forms, deconstructs flowers and plants to examine their form and colour in detail, or as the publicity for the exhibition reads: “Exploring the intricate forms and delicate shapes of flowers to make them more visually appealing to a contemporary viewer.”

Vaguely recognisable parts from flowers are blown up into bigger swathes of colour, with paint and collage materials used on large pieces of canvas.
Miriam’s running the exhibition as part of her degree course, but chose to exhibit in Coventry and not Leicester after being impressed with the Lock gallery and its boss Emma O’Brien.
Miriam added: “I’m interested in nature and landscapes and the natural world, and I’m also interested in colour and the Fauvist artists and how they used colour because they really stand out.”
Predominantly a painter, Miriam also does some prints and sketches.
There are only five works in this exhibition (if you count a triptych as one), but they all display big sweeps of colour amid which you can sometimes catch vague flower shapes. They’re bright and cheering, and show some good early confidence in her own style.
The exhibition runs until July 28.


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