More top exhibitions to view in Coventry, Leamington and Stratford


Douglas Gordon exhibition

Douglas Gordon & Philippe Parreno Zidane, A 21st-Century Portrait Courtesy Anne Lena Films and Naflastrengir 2006
I must be going soft in my old age, three more exhibitions seen in three days, and I liked all three.
They will be reviewed at a later date in the Coventry Telegraph, but I wanted to give you early notice they’re there and worth seeing.

At Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, Art for a New Age: Optimism in Post-War British Abstraction had a special opening event, complete with pianist in the Pump Room, very tasty nibbles, and a speech from Professor Michael Hatt from the University of Warwick’s History of Art department.
The exhibition is curated by 10 final-year students, and Prof Hatt praised their “clever and well-chosen” theme. They’ve certainly done a great job with both the exhibition and the catalogue, though with the Arts Council and university collections to use they had some good materials to work from.
Douglas Gordon’s Maestros exhibition at the Mead Gallery at Warwick Arts Centre, at the University of Warwick, was an unexpected delight, two moving image installations, an art form I’m usually fidgeting to leave after a minute, but here I wanted to stay longer than I had time for. Definitely one to return to.
And then the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford – where piles of rice representing people are very political and really bring statistics to life. New works will be added to keep it contemporary throughout, so it’s another that’s worth returning to.
I had to seek out the other exhibition, interactive projections of Shakespeare quotes on the walls. The staff had forgotten to turn it on! It’s fun to play with so if you also find the walls strangely static find someone to go and put it on. It’s also a welcome free attraction in Stratford!
All these exhibitions and more will be reviewed more fully in the Coventry Telegraph’s Friday art column in future weeks.


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