First nights for Mead, LGP and Brink – you can join the party even if I can’t!

So January comes around and I’m looking forward to looking at paintings with a glass of wine in my hand, writing the odd note. Then what happens – on a weekend with three art show openings two of them coincide with long-arranged plans which mean I can’t get to either of them. Sigh.
But, YOU can still go along to all three and see for yourselves what’s on.

At The Mead gallery at Warwick Arts Centre, the University of Warwick, on Friday, January 13 from 6.30pm everyone is welcome to attend the opening party of The Indiscipline of Painting, an international group exhibition including works by 49 artists from the 1960s until now.
They have been selected by British painter Daniel Sturgis, with the exhibition promising to look at how abstraction has “remained a site of urgent, relevant and critical enquiry for generations of artists over the last 50 years”. Works on show are by artists including Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Michael Craig-Martin and Bridget Riley alongside younger artists such as Tomma Abts, Tauba Auerbach, Jacob Kassay and Cheyney Thompson, with a new commission by Swiss artist Francis Baudevin.
Next up, on Saturday between 2-5pm, strangely, The Lanchester Projects Gallery at The Hub in Jordan Well opens, with ÉVASION, with works by Alison Jones, Josephine Meckseper, Martha Rosler, Milly Thompson and Nicole Wermers.
The press release tells us: “LGP presents Évasion, an exhibition which performs genuflection before the neo-liberal imperative – institutional critique in f&*k-me shoes. Évasion considers the luxury magazine and the veils through which the amorous glances of commodities charm and fascinate with their illusions: Identification, Aspiration, Wealth, Social Superiority, Luxury, Distinction–all imbricated in an orgy of bourgeois values.”
Hmm, I’m looking forward to seeing how this actually works out in the gallery next week. It’s a mix of watercolours, video, performance sculpture and digital prints apparently.
Back down to earth, an exhibition in what’s described as a family-friendly pub, The Tiltyard, in Kenilworth, where town arts organisation BRINK has organised an exhibition of paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints and photographs by 17 regional artists, plus a sculptural installation by BRINK co-founder Tim Robottom.
The official opening is from 7-9pm on Monday, January 16 – go along and I hope to be at this one myself as well!


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