Tanya is hitting the big time

A woman who has found her big passion and escape in life through art is exhibiting at Bedworth Arts Centre until March 5.
Tanya Martin’s first solo exhibition is called Art Is My Life, and she showed it by taking so much work along there wasn’t space and some had to go home again!
And she’s proving controversial, as three pieces from her Body Form collection had to be taken down after people were “a bit upset” about them – although she had asked if it was ok to display them at first and had been told it was.

The works are often painted in vivid colours using unusual techniques and tools such as credit cards and pizza cutters.
Tanya, who lives in Stoke, Coventry, is now gaining international attention after one of her works, Lazy Sundays, has see her nominated for artist of the year in The Ultimate Collection, a collection of works on Facebook which fans can add works too.
Tanya said: “There has been talks of joint exhibitions in the pipeline but being a single mother of three, one with disabilities and twins hyperactive, I feel that the other artists must come here as I have refused many offers to exhibit last year abroad due to my circumstances.
“I still paint on a daily basis and love every waking moment knowing there is oil paint and canvases there calling my name!”


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