New year, new exhibitions

This is the weekend when lots of Coventry and Warwickshire art galleries really get going with new exhibitions for the new year.
I enjoyed a glass of wine and nibbles at the first night of Faye Claridge’s Seaside Holidays for the Working Classes exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery & Museum on Tuesday. The show’s a mixture of video, projection and photography and part of it looks at what happens when a group of Rugby girls decided they WOULD try morris dancing… it’s entertaining, educational and fun. An interview with Faye will follow on here next week.

I was hoping to be quaffing more wine and meeting the artist at the new exhibition at the Mead at Warwick Arts Centre tonight, but a sudden bout of the flu put an end to that. Hannah Starkey: Twenty Nine Pictures sounds good, and I’m looking forward to getting to see it.
Also opening tomorrow is The Herbert’s All Dressed Up exhibition, showing glamorous outfits and accessories from the 1890s, 1920s and 1950s. A full review will follow in the paper, but it’s an informative exhibition with some lovely pieces from the gallery’s own collection on show.
Nuneaton’s Museum & Art Gallery is also opening three new exhibitions tomorrow, one showing photographs of the restoration of Astley Castle, plus sculptures by Phil Dixon and paintings by Jacqueline Drury.


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