Picture this – your work at the Mead

There’s a chance for people to get involved in the exhibition opening next weekend at the Mead Gallery at Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick.
The gallery will be showing the first solo museum exhibition for 10 years of photographs by Hannah Starkey, works which are described as creating a tension between figure and environment where ‘each appears to reflect and define the other’. She apparently composes scenes which give a sense of a story presented through small clues, such as the position of a glass, a shadow or someone’s averted gaze.
The Mead is calling on people to get involved by finding a space in Coventry and creating an image in response to Starkey’s work. If it arrives at the gallery before January 14 it will be added to the public wall and exhibited online throughout the exhibition. Images arriving after this will be added as soon as possible after they arrive.

At the end Hannah Starkey will choose her favourite and the winner will receive a small signed print of one of her works.
Assistant House Manager at the Mead Gallery, Emma O’Brien said: “I think we all know we live in a very beautiful and cultural city, and we hope this exhibition will give it a much higher profile. We’re not only looking for landmarks but for those lovely spaces that mean a lot to individuals.
“It’s also a great opportunity for local artists and budding photographers of all ages and levels to get involved and to show their work to the audiences at the Mead Gallery”.
For more information and a full project brief please email Emma O’Brien at E.J.O-Brien@warwick.ac.uk or visit http://www.warwickartscentre.co.uk


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